My Intention

As a healing arts practitioner, I respectfully assist you to become more of who you truly are through therapeutic touch and Hypnotherapy. I use the skills I have acquired over more than twenty years of private practice to listen intently, to touch deeply and to facilitate your own inner awareness. I assist you in hearing the voice of your intuition and help you find ways to manifest your dreams and desires. It is my privilege to be a part of your healing journey.

Please Note:

The State of California requires me to inform you that Rosen Method® Bodywork and Hypnotherapy are self-regulated and certified, not licensed professions. The State has deemed that both Rosen Method® and Hypnotherapy are not potentially harmful and do not require licensure. I have been certified in both fields in State approved and licensed schools. I am not a psychotherapist, physician or licensed medical practitioner. I am a Certified Rosen Method® Bodyworker and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and provide alternative services for people seeking complementary and adjunct therapies. I collaborate with psychotherapists, chiropractors, physicians, healers and acupuncturists. I welcome referrals.

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