Rosen Method® Bodywork

You may long to feel more connected to your body. Your experience of your body may be fraught with frustration and dissatisfaction. Perhaps you are plagued by chronic muscle tension, which is draining and distracting. You might have negative feelings about your body, or others may have treated your body unkindly. You may notice that you feel uncomfortable, blocked or disassociated from your body or stuck in your head. Rosen Method® Bodywork can help you.

Rosen Method® Bodywork is a type of hands-on bodywork developed by Marion Rosen, Physical Therapist. Known for its gentle, yet powerful touch, this method facilitates body/mind awareness and connection. Rosen Method® touch is non-invasive yet deep reaching.

With Rosen Method® touch, I make significant, sustained and meaningful contact with your body and your subconscious mind. My approach is a collaborative, client-led exploration of the connection between chronic muscle tension and emotional holding. Chronic muscle tension is what your subconscious mind uses to "put away" the parts of yourself and your experiences that are, or were, too difficult to feel or express.

By putting away these parts and their related experiences and feelings, you diminish other parts of yourself, your overall aliveness, and connections to others. Access to the origins of tension through touch, relaxation, awareness, attention and acknowledgement invites and allows tension release. As you relax, you can uncover what you have put away.

In this safe and caring environment, you can rediscover those unconscious places and parts of yourself that long to be received, reclaimed and integrated. A deep sense of relief, understanding and compassion come forward as you regain these exiled parts and feelings. Freed of habitual tension and holding patterns, you become acquainted with ease and have room to be all that you can be, to feel deeply connected to yourself and others and to allow a greater sense of well-being, choice and potential in your life. You are able to be more completely alive.

Rosen Method® is a very adaptable and individually-oriented kind of bodywork. It meets you where you are on your unique path toward self-discovery, self-reclamation and wholeness. Many who have had difficult experiences with touch, and/or have a problematic relationship with their body, find Rosen Method® an ideal therapeutic modality. It is a means to gain awareness and feel emotions at your own pace.

This journey to embodiment is your unique experience. The process of reclaiming parts of yourself that have been put away may bring up some difficult or challenging emotions. If that happens, together we address obstacles, fears, memories and tight places with curiosity, patience and compassion. We take the time needed to appreciate and integrate what comes forward.

A Typical Rosen Method® Bodywork Session

In the first session, we spend some time talking about what brings you to Rosen and we talk about your body and your life. It is a time for us to sit together to share information and for you to get to know me before we begin the table portion of the session. Typically, this lasts between 15-20 minutes.

We then move to the table work. (If you prefer, we can work with you seated in a chair.) We focus on your body and on what you are becoming aware of, feeling and sensing. I focus on areas of muscle tension, and listen into those areas with great curiosity and patience. Together we pay attention to any sensations, feelings or thoughts that arise. We talk about your experience and I share my impressions and observations. The story of your body has the opportunity to come forward and be heard.

At the end of the session we will schedule our next appointment.

Rosen Method® Bodywork helps you to:

  • Become more alive and more aware of your potential
  • Feel received and heard in a deep, powerful way
  • Relax
  • Connect with your body
  • Let go of muscle tension
  • Discover the origins of muscle tension
  • Allow you to feel the connection between your mind and body
  • Uncover parts of yourself that have been put away
  • Become more of who you truly are

Rosen Method® Movement

Rosen Method® Movement is a form of movement based on traditional physical therapy exercises done in a fun and engaging way. The classes are for anyone wanting to move freely with joy and aliveness.

A Rosen Method® Movement class is done to music in a circle. The various sections of the class are designed to promote increased circulation, breath flow, lubrication of the joints, flexibility, balance, body awareness, coordination and overall ease of movement.

I am available for individual movement coaching, consultation and instruction with students, interns and teachers or people new to Rosen Method® Movement.

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