"I have had the privilege of working with Miriam Cantor for the last 15 years.  As a practitioner, Miriam brings together a wise and gifted blend of intuitive healing for both body and mind.  Her sense of humor is an added plus." —B., Psychotherapist

"Miriam has been my Rosen practitioner for over six years. She is a true healer and has helped me completely transform my relationship with my body. We have worked through physical problems that have been with me almost from my birth. Miriam is a gentle and completely amazing bodyworker and I give her my highest recommendation. I can't say enough good things about what she can accomplish."
—C., Senior Technical Director, AT&T

"The Rosen Method Rocks!  Miriam Rocks!  Miriam's intuitive wisdom and skill, along with the type of Rosen Method work, provides an opportunity for deep body awareness, reminding and inviting the body into ease."
—D., Somatic Practitioner and Regenerative Coach

"Rosen Method Bodywork has changed my life.  Working with Miriam has brought much ease and awareness into my body and mind. Miriam is well-rounded in her knowledge and has helped me a great deal."
—H., Graphic Designer

"Miriam's work is very special and her interactions with me are compassionate and professional.  She taught me techniques that calmed me down, enabling me to organize my thoughts.  She helped me enormously in bringing real or imagined obstacles on my path to manageable proportions."
—J., Physical Therapist, Rosen Method Bodyworker and Rosen Method Movement Teacher

"I have worked with Miriam for almost three years.  Our work has evolved into the combination of talk, Hypnotherapy and Rosen Method Bodywork.  All these modalities combined with Miriam's acute attention and presence helps me get right to the heart of me. The place I most want to be. Thank you Miriam." —K., Physical Therapist

"I have been a client of Miriam's for the past four years and the work I've done with her has been both life-affirming and life-changing.  Miriam is a creative, compassionate, and dedicated healer.  With her vast knowledge of bodywork and hypnotherapy, along with her intuitive nature she has provided me with many options and tools on my healing journey." 
—S., Registered Nurse

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